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The Nano series is the result of ALE's expertise in the ink-jet technology and its will to constantly innovate.


Systems of the Nano Series are self-contained printers, also referred to as “all-in-one-box” systems: wide 5” touch screen display, controller, ink-system and print-head all gathered in the same enclosure. They are the most compact solutions of all our product range, and are made of highly resistant materials.


The main advantage of these models are the speed of installation: switch them on and they will be ready to print in just few minutes!

Nano-Series combines the best qualities of ALE print-heads as well as the Master-HD!


They can print on both porous and non-porous surfaces using either oil-based fluids or solvent-based fluids. There are also two different models of the Nano series: one for side-printing only (Nano18) and another one, supplied with umbilical cable, for printing top, bottom or with an angle (Nano18R).


They are integrated with the same user-friendly menu as other controllers and also work with Codex Design Software. They can be connected to TCP/IP or Wifi networks.

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